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Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey - Plastic Surgery TR

At the present time, Cosmetic Surgery has had a great stir for its ability to fix several of our aesthetic problems and to help us feel more confident about ourselves.

Through our specialists in the area, you can achieve excellent results in a short time and with the security you deserve. Don’t trust your face to just anyone, it’s a simple process but it requires the best attention so that the results are optimal and of the highest quality. Luckily, you won’t have to look any further, you are at the best cosmetic surgery clinic in turkey, and we don’t just say so, our clients say it too! Read on to find out what we have to offer you.

What is Cosmetic Surgery?

This procedure counts as one of the branches of Plastic Surgery, in which we can also see reconstructive surgery and other types of treatments. It tries to make an improvement in the aesthetics of the person through lower risk operations that can change personal “Imperfections” or aesthetic preferences, without altering its vital function. As for example: Rhinoplasty. It should be noted that not only encompasses facial problems, but also the body in general.

Cosmetic Surgery has a great variety of treatments and solutions to the problems that your body may have, ranging from very deep operations to small outpatient interventions, all depending on what the patient wants.

It is of utmost importance to emphasize that each of these treatments have been planned in advance with the surgeon in charge, so that it can be completed correctly, and with previous examinations to ensure that the person is suitable to perform any type of treatment that is proposed.

 Contact us and we’ll see how we can help you achieve your physical goals while taking the necessary health measures!

Prices for Cosmetic Surgery – What is Included

This depends largely on what the client needs, and the previous interventions to make the operation go well. For this you must go to an appointment that will clearly be personalized in order to consider all the possibilities before proceeding with any operation, even on an outpatient basis, as not all bodies are the same and may react in different ways.

An example of an operation with a slightly higher cost is the rhytidoplasty and blepharoplasty, thanks to its complications when operating that require great detail and delicacy of the surgeons. But they are totally worth it for their great results. A more economical but that does not detract in any way from its performance, is the augmentation mammoplasty. Because it is so common the prices are not so exaggerated, but this would already constitute another type of plastic surgery.

How does Cosmetic Surgery work?

Each cosmetic surgery procedure has its own way of working, but most of them require general anesthesia, which is performed with the help of an anesthesiologist or a specialized anesthesia team.

Some of the cosmetic surgery procedures, such as Botox injections, are able to be performed under local anesthesia alone. But even so, you need to discuss and consult with the surgeon in charge before performing any type of intervention.

It is of utmost importance that the person who will receive the intervention is aware of everything that is going to happen during each step both before and after the operation. The procedure, the risks, what the recovery process will be like and the possibilities involved in the surgery. In fact, the more you can be informed the better, as this will greatly reduce the nerves before proceeding with the operation.

Besides being aware that not all results are the same for each person and that you should be careful with misleading offers. Cosmetic surgeries are very serious and must be rigorously controlled so that everything goes as planned.

Great Expectations

They do not hold false expectations of what will happen after surgery.

Always Certain

They have already done previous examinations and made sure that they do not have a chronic disease or keep it under control.

Aware or Any Side Effects

They are aware of the physical effects that surgery can have on them and also of the problems that can arise from a poorly managed recovery. They are also aware of the effects this change will have on their personal life and perhaps their lifestyle.

Zero Harm

They do not maintain any harmful vices such as smoking or taking any type of narcotics. Any vice can make the operation either impossible or simply have complications in the recovery, which will leave marks for life. In case you have had a vice, you should have quit it approximately three months before the operation and not take it up again.

What should be considered for cosmetic surgery?

Since Face Cosmetic Surgery may be accompanied by drastic changes that cannot be changed in the long term, it is essential to consider taking such a big step psychologically so as not to have self-esteem problems in the future.

Before scheduling an appointment with any specialist, ask yourself sincerely what is the main reason for changing your appearance and if it is by choice or general insecurities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people need a Cosmetic Surgery

One of the positive things we can get out of cosmetic surgery is in cases of people who have suffered an unintentional injury such as a fall or an accident that has left them with a lifelong injury or something that affects their emotional stability. Therefore, they can regain that long-awaited security through a simple surgery! An example that does not have to do with such extreme cases is, for example, the need for general physical well-being, such as people who need a breast reduction because of back problems or general discomfort. It's not just about aesthetics!

They can also help people who need to improve physically in order to be fine emotionally, and it's totally acceptable! Anything that benefits our well-being is totally valid as long as it doesn't harm others or ourselves. There are things that some people thought were not correctable, but that we can make possible and with a success rate of over 90%. Need to boost your confidence? No problem, check out our treatments and choose the one that best suits you.

It may sound bad, but sometimes society imposes very high beauty stereotypes. As a result, many people come to feel inadequate or simply do not feel that they are capable of receiving acceptance from the outside because of their appearance. The treatments we offer can improve this feeling of "Acceptance" and give people what they want.

Is it suitable for me?

Before thinking about surgery, give all the necessary information to your doctor to take a medical history. This is very important and is necessary for any type of procedure, even the most minimal. It is essential that the doctor in charge of the procedure is aware of everything that has happened with you in terms of health, your history, diseases, weight, among others. Since, for example, some diseases can make a big difference in the recovery or in the performance of the operation, among them: obesity, high blood pressure, addictions to alcohol or tobacco, allergies to some type of medication, prescriptions of previous medications, psychological problems, etc. Although we may think that this may delay our process, lying about our record can bring us serious problems that even, depending on the degree, can end in death.

You must also comply with the examinations before surgery. It is normal that even if you are healthy, your surgeon will ask to do some tests before proceeding with the operation to know your current condition and what can be done. Tests may vary depending on the type of operation to be performed, but the most common are: Blood tests, urinalysis, x-rays, etc.

Why do you need to choose our clinic?

Thanks to our commitment to your well-being, we have dedicated ourselves over the years to select a wide range of specialists in advanced dermatology and cosmetic surgery across the globe, in order to offer you only quality and a job well done, which is definitely all you deserve. Each of our procedures are performed at our Center for cosmetic surgery located in Chelsea for your complete comfort.

From the smallest intervention to the largest operations, our professionals in the area can perform it without any inconvenience whatever your personal reasons may be.

Our goal and complete objective is to obtain quality results and to make you feel comfortable during your stay, that's why we adapt our services to your preference looking only for your comfort. You can prove through our testimonials and previous clients that our results are so natural looking that they are barely noticeable to the human eye, that is why we are considered the best place in Turkey for cosmetic surgery. 

Our clinic was founded 13 years ago, by one of the most famous plastic surgeons in the country, who together with his colleagues, wanted to create something new and fresh in terms of cosmetic surgeries, creating the best group of professionals seen so far in the area of cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery.

And even after so many years, this renowned group continues to provide their services in the clinic offering nothing less than quality in multiple areas that not only encompass cosmetic surgery, stop by our main page to see the amount of services we have for you! We assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Are there any side effects and risks?

  • Personal risks 

The desire to look aesthetic and feel attractive in men and women, may lead them to want to apply some alternatives in their physique that are not the most recommended and in places where the quality of the patient is not prioritized. And we can also notice an increase in the desire to continue "Improving" after the first surgery, almost like an obsession. Therefore the risk of cosmetic surgeries can be mostly an addiction to them that goes beyond the limits.

This is undoubtedly one of the main problems that we surgeons see day by day and that we can observe in today's world, which is becoming more and more demanding. People begin to believe that because they can improve or change their appearance with only one operation, they can do it more than 10 times a year, something that is very wrong.

And even, when looking for much cheaper alternatives, they can end up receiving surgeries that are not of quality and that instead of improving their appearance, they degenerate it to an irreversible point.

The constant search for perfection causes them to spend more than the money they have or risk surgeries that are not worth it in order to love themselves much more. Undoubtedly, it is something that no longer depends on the surgeon, but it counts as an accounting risk, especially in insecure people.

  • Risk of irreparable damage

As we mentioned in the previous point, the risks of cosmetic surgery have a lot to do with the person and his or her personal decisions, since, again, in the search for perfection, they do not consider the risks they may entail: Not looking for a specialized surgeon or not providing the necessary information and care after the operation for everything to be successful. These people do not consider the risks of not being responsible, and for this reason they can be left with cosmetic surgeries that are not well done or that did not heal as they should be.

Even from this type of fatal mistake we have received cases that need cosmetic plastic surgery of their face or body thanks to a poorly done surgery that did not end well because of their own irresponsibility. But we still look for ways to help them and fulfill their dreams of having aesthetic features!

Does insurance cover cosmetic surgery?

If we think about any cosmetic surgery procedures, most likely we will think of operations such as rhinoplasty or other similar procedures that are more focused on aesthetics, but still within this branch we find different types of treatments that focus on improving not only aesthetics of a part of our face that not only derives from a desire to look more aesthetic.

But, this does not matter much. Depending on the needs, this type of thing may also be included depending on the insurer you have attended. If you are in doubt as to whether it is covered or not, you should talk to your insurance carrier and make sure of this before proceeding with any plastic surgery transaction.

How much does cosmetic surgery cost?

Cosmetic surgery in Turkey prices depend largely on the type of operation or intervention you wish to have performed and the inconveniences that come along with it. Clearly, the interventions that are at the outpatient level do not have a great cost, but those that require general anesthesia, in Cambil, if they have a somewhat high cost. But really the benefit is greater! If you want to know the price of your operation, we invite you to attend a consultation with our specialists to agree on an ideal price for you that suits your needs.

Why is cosmetic surgery good?

We can look at this aspect from a psychological point of view, this type of surgery creates great satisfaction in the person who undergoes it for multiple reasons that may vary depending on the person. There are people, both men and women, who show to be dissatisfied with their face or with a particular area of their body, and having the ability to change it makes them feel good in an unimaginable way, repressing their previous insecurities. It's a way to achieve what you've always wanted! 

The important thing before undergoing a Body Cosmetic Surgery is to be aware of the impact it can cause before and after the intervention, especially when a photographic record of what happened is kept. Therefore, it is important not to make unrealistic expectations and that the doctor shows you in some way what the final result will be so that you are completely satisfied and there are no psychological or emotional problems involved in the drastic change.

What is considered cosmetic surgery?

The term cosmetic surgery refers to surgical procedures that are done to mark an improvement in the facial and body area of a particular person, in an outward manner.

For example: Rhinoplasty and Botox. Although it is composed of a thousand and one functional procedures for many types of changes.

This particular area, as we mentioned before, is mostly in charge of addressing aesthetic problems, but at the same time it can fulfill the role of fixing functional problems depending on each case. Therefore, it can be considered necessary, as well as giving peace of mind to the user who undergoes this type of procedure by giving them the desired appearance.

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