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E-Max Veneers Crowns

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If there is a medical tourism destination in the world that has earned the respect and trust of many patients, it is definitely Turkey we are talking about. Getting an oral procedure in this country is to ensure a flattering result that will be observed from the first moment. A result that will be maintained over time and that will also be achieved without making an exuberant expenditure as in other countries.

The placement of dental crowns is not an exception among the procedures performed in Istanbul that meet patients’ ideals from start to finish. In fact, it is one of the most requested oral treatments that has evolved in expert hands to perfect and innovate with materials such as e-max that leave more natural results, without discomfort and pain during or after the application.

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What are L'Allure Clinic e-max dental crowns about?

The e-max dental crowns are the newest and most innovative type of crowns developed in dentistry today, which based on the needs and desires of patients have created thinner dental pieces. This allows us to offer a service with less need for the previous scraping on the teeth and that leaves a natural-looking result that is not only immediate but also more durable and resistant.

The e-max crowns are custom-made pieces created in specialized laboratories that follow the instructions and designs of the specialists at L’Allure Clinic to achieve the ideal shape and shade for each patient. They are created from lithium disilicate, and it takes no more than a single session to obtain a complete, customized, and ready-to-fit piece.

Difference between an e-max crown and a traditional crown

Although the placement of e-max crowns gives better results in the short and long term, it is necessary to know that the biggest difference and advantage that these pieces have over traditional dental crowns is in the material used for their creation.  This is because traditional crowns are usually made with materials that include metal in certain proportions, which over time creates a gray coloration on the tooth, damaging its appearance, besides creating some negative reactions in people with allergies or sensitive gums.

While the e-max crowns, due to their material, always keep their initial tone, clear and without stains. They have no side effects, and thanks to the thinness of their material when placed, they do not affect or damage the delicate gums. Not to mention that their physical structure is much stronger than traditional ones in terms of deterioration and shocks.

Damages covered by the e-max crown service

The experts at L’Allure Clinic offer comprehensive services, ranging from aesthetics to solving more serious problems or damage in the oral area, and the e-max crown service is no exception. This service is one of the few ones in Turkey that can be used both to modify the color of the teeth and to correct the shape, size, or position of the teeth.

Among the specific damages or deficiencies that the e-max service corrects are teeth with enamel defects, teeth damaged by abrasion or heavy wear, teeth with a failure of alignment, discolored dentures, teeth broken by knocks or decay, stained teeth, and dentures that are difficult to whiten, as well as posterior teeth that in certain cases are weakened and need to be treated.

Characteristics of e-max crowns according to experts

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E-Max Veneers Crowns

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