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Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Non Surgical Cosmetic Treatments are proof that current scientific and technological advances have opened doors to great opportunities in all areas of medicine in the world, even in those that are merely cosmetic. These treatments are able to correct small facial or body flaws without the need to enter an operating room or go through an extensive postoperative period in order to maintain the results of the intervention. They are good because of their accessibility and excellent results, all thanks to a quality specialist with a good cosmetic training. 

Non-surgical treatments are used for the body and face, so depending on your needs you may find multiple treatments. Although it is also important that before starting to apply to any of them you look for a trusted professional who can advise you and tell you if you are suitable to perform any of them without any apparent risk. 

 All of them must be performed in a sterilized place and by professional hands, as well as with the necessary tools. Among the types of non-invasive treatments we can find:

Lymphatic Drainage Massages:

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Cavitation and Ultra Cavitation

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What our clients love the most

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Top Non Surgical Treatments


This treatment is well known for its excellent results! It is dedicated for people who have cellulite or areas without elasticity, therefore they have hanging skin; such as the arms area. In order to perform this miracle you need a machine that causes a little heat and is applied to the fat tissue. All, of course, without surgical interventions. 

The radiofrequency treatment needs electromagnetic radiation that is in charge of heating and maintaining an adequate temperature to be able to reduce and deflate the adipose glands. In addition to this, it must have enough intensity to be able to act within the different skin layers so that it can reach its destination without diminishing its deflation capabilities. 

This technique is simply ideal for those people who need to restore the elasticity of their skin and eliminate those little skin hangers in different areas of the body. In addition, it should be noted that this treatment rebuilds collagen cells in the skin and promotes blood and lymphatic circulation, so there will be a much more effective fat reduction and with only 8 sessions (depending on your needs and goals) you could already have the results you wanted so much without having to undergo surgery.


This treatment is based on the reduction or combat against cellulite or other folds that may appear on our skin at any age, such as stretch marks or abdominal flaccidity. In addition to small pockets of fat located on the arms, neck, back, etc.. 

In order to perform this treatment will need carbon dioxide in gaseous state that will be applied through small cannulas through our body that will not take long to heal, as they are subcutaneous. 

Although it may seem dangerous, this technique has been in use for many years and has not had any short or long term inconveniences so far, since the amounts of this gas used are not harmful or lethal to people. The function of Carbon Dioxide is to create a dilation of the vessels in the area so there will be an increase of oxygen and that will enhance what should be done naturally. By this we mean the change of components: Oxygen, carbon dioxide, water and body nutrients.

Stem Cell Application

Stem cells are in charge of reproducing and regenerating different processes in our body, in fact, they are the biological reserve that is in charge of replicating cells every millisecond in order to continue living. It is normal that some cells do not divide constantly because they do not have that function, but thanks to regenerative medicine there is an option that allows you to apply stem cells to keep other body processes in constant motion, such as blood circulation, improvement of an internal organ, skin, muscle, etc.. 

It is a treatment that must be applied delicately, but it is not impossible and allows you to beautify and restore parts of the body that were thought to be lost due to flaccidity or other external factors that damaged it.

Chemical Peeling

We all know about peeling masks or any other type of treatment that has to do with this, but the chemical peeling is a little more specialized and is responsible for exfoliating the skin in a deeper way, something that we can not achieve at home. 

For this, chemicals need to be applied responsibly and from a specialist in the area on the surface of the dermis, which will be responsible for removing toxins and small skin imperfections, giving the skin a softer, smoother and healthier look. And it is totally compatible with patients who suffer from constant acne, as it cleanses your skin and has the chance to regenerate dead cells avoiding skin blemishes. 

Depending on your skin type and needs, chemical peels can vary in intensity and adapt to your skin type so as not to harm it. The idea is to have the ideal degree of intensity to be able to affect the skin in depth but without the need to leave it hypersensitive or with wounds that can become infected. 

If you are new to this, these visits can be done in stages to test your skin type and see what suits you and what does not, in addition to the accompaniment of other non-surgical procedures to see a steady improvement in your skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Something very common nowadays is laser hair removal, especially in women, thanks to the fact that people realized that it lasts longer, is more profitable and is less invasive to our skin. The way it works is through a laser that is responsible for emitting a light that although we can not notice it, is responsible for completely damaging the hair follicle and therefore makes the hair regeneration is not constant. All this without damaging our skin.


It is valid for any type of person without the need of previous tests, although there are some exceptions not recommended such as people who are going through pregnancy, or skin diseases such as scabies or other allergic reactions that may cause skin irritation.


If you need the results to be more extensive and you can enjoy more time without hair, it is necessary to apply different sessions in a period of time estimated by the specialist in charge. Depending on your skin type, color, hair thickness, you may need between 3 to 5 sessions. But again, it depends a lot on the person and their needs.

So much for today's article! I hope it has been of great help to many of you and that you can see the area of aesthetics as a place where you don't only need to enter an operating room or pay exorbitant amounts of money to achieve your physical goals. And it is always important to investigate, as these are not the only ones that exist, there are a lot of treatments that are possible for all types of people! It is only necessary to go a little deeper into the subject and we assure you that you will be able to find a procedure that will give you the results you want. 

If you need more advice or want to make an appointment to apply any of the above procedures, surgical or not, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to assist you depending on what you need. Our doors and our staff will always be open to give you the right information and in the warmest way possible. We are patiently waiting for your call!

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